Stop Struggling To Solve Your Digestive Dysfunction And Clear up Your Mental Clarity

Discover Your Path Towards Healing Digestive Dysfunction And Reap The Mental Health & Wellbeing Benefits

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Katlin Kurfman

Katlin is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in the gut-brain connection.

As a young person, she struggled with mental health, gut issues, migraines, and fatigue which only got worse as she moved through college and started her first post-grad finance job.

After years of finding no answers from conventional medicine and dabbling in holistic health on the side of her finance career, she left her corporate job to become a functional health practitioner.

Through functional lab testing along with nutritional & lifestyle analysis, she helps people uncover the roots of many of their unwanted symptoms, restore balance to the body, and live their best life

Joe Stauffacher

Joe is the ultimate renaissance man with a vast amount of education and experience in natural health, finance, mindset, marketing, and neurology.

A Mindset Specialist and a Neurology Trainer passionate about lymph and detox, Joe is a master at training people how to unlock the potential of the brain and nervous system using simple, practical techniques.

From his own gut struggles, he brings a unique perspective to mastering the process for stronger digestion.